Presbyterianism vs. Catholosism

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Presbyterians and Catholics are both Christians, but their beliefs and way of worship are not completely the same. The beliefs are different in predestination the holy Eucharist, The leader, justification of faith and the authority. The basic similarities are belief in heaven, hell, and Jesus is the Son of God. The Presbyterians believe in predestination, however they do not believe predestination takes away your free will. They believe for God, everything happens at once, and this is why God cannot take the free will away from criminals (Zepf). This differs from the Catholic belief that no one is predestined for Hell, but that a turning away from God is necessary for someone to end up there (Catholic Catechism). The Catholics also believe that salvation is offered for all, but can be lost and regained. Another difference between the two is in The Holy Eucharist. Catholics believe that the Holy Eucharist is the true presence of Christ while Presbyterians believe that it's only a symbolic presence of Christ. The Presbyterians believe Christ sacrificed himself once for all. Communion, one of the seven sacraments, is a core part of a Catholic mass however Presbyterians do it far less often. The two also differ in authority. The Roman Catholic Church’s sources of authority include the Bible, the tradition of the church, the Creeds and the Pope. The Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed are two doctrines that outline their beliefs. The two essentially mean that Jesus is our savior and that God created everything. The Presbyterian Church also has these Creeds as their doctrines (OPC). The difference is that their statement of faith comes from the Westminster Confession of Faith (OPC). Presbyterians believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. It’s the only infallible authority for belief. One more difference is on the subject of justification of faith (OPC).
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