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Press release: Unlike most of my classmates I have the exact script from the release because that is what Apple is known for, extravagant press releases.(Jobs 2010) Click to play Consumer Response: I would first like to say that as a consume it is nice to see a consistent face as the spokesman to a company. I find myself able to enjoy the product if I can relate to the person showing me the product. The release was an excellent way to get a crowd like feedback on a release. This incites group mentality and the idea that if all of these people like the iPad so should I. Steve Jobs is clearly not a professional public speaker which make him personable and sell of a sales man. I felt that as a consumer I could enjoy the iPad for all of the features he does. As the company has done before Apple has invested more in the consumer experience than the technology. (Jobs 1997) This mentality leaves room for competitors to flood the market with knockoffs and tablets that fill this void. As a stakeholder I feel confident that although other companies will soon fill the market it is Apple’s continued customer experience satisfaction that dives them to the top. Apple released this in a way that if they were no confident in their product they may have released this in a smaller group setting to reduce the exposure of failure. Works Cited Jobs, S. (Performer) (1997). Steve jobs insult response[Web]. Retrieved from Jobs, S. (Performer) (2010). Steve jobs ipad launch - mobile introduction [Web]. Retrieved from
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