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banner above paper title Separating Concerns by Isolating Them a skeleton for business data processing Douglas Harris Marquette University Abstract Implementing a solution to a problem in terms of program modules and dealing with a particular concern in a uniform way often do not suggest the same structure for the solution. This leads to tangling of solutions, and to the spaghetti code that decomposition schemes are trying to avoid. We provide in the domain of business data processing a design process and an implementation skeleton that separates the three major concerns of presentation, processing, and persistence so that each can be done in separate programming activities. This allows each to be tested individually and in such a way that the tested pieces can be safely combined. We also provide a novel analysis of the relationship of the three concerns as part of the same system. Categories and Subject Descriptors D.2.2 [Software Engineering]: third-level; D.2.11 [Analysis and Design Tools]: third-level General Terms Design, Languages place. The following paper shows a way, beginning from classical techniques of decomposition, to avoid tangling by performing each in its own place. 2. a PreProPer skeleton This diagram shows the skeleton, which we will explain in the remainder of the paper. Keywords modularization, software engineering, separation of concerns, Figure 1. PreProPerWithPassages 2.1 What is a skeleton? A major difference between our approach to Separation of Concerns and many other approaches is that we are not trying to help an application programmer write code in which the concerns are separated, we are trying to provide a skeleton for the operation of the code in which some concerns, at least the basic ones of Pre, Pro, and Per, are performed in tiers that are literally separated by passages PrePro and

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