Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector Essay

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This scheme of work is an example only. It should be used in conjunction with the Tutor Guidance for Session Planning and the City & Guilds’ Guide for Centres to ensure full coverage of the qualification requirements. The content is the same for levels 3 and 4; the difference between levels is expressed within the assignment questions. This scheme of work is based on 10 weeks of three hours delivery per week. Delivery of the five sections includes micro teaching and group tutorials (an additional 30 hours non-contact time is available for workplace observations of in-service learners, one to one tutorials and reading, research and assignment work etc). Centres should note that contact and non-contact hours are notional and should be used as a guide. It is at the discretion of individual centres as to how they manage their delivery and tutorials. There should not be too much emphasis upon theorists at level 3. At Level 4, learners need to demonstrate in their assignments a depth of knowledge and understanding appropriate to that level. Initial assessment should help define levels of learners. Learners may hand in their completed individual assignment questions on an ongoing basis, this would allow for formative assessment and internal verification. A tutor tracking sheet is provided in the Guide for Centres. Mention is made within the scheme of work regarding activities and handouts (in red) which are available on Recommended timings are given for each; however, these can be amended to suit the group. The content of presentations, discussions, explanations etc are left to the professionalism of the course tutor. Each section also has an interactive activity which is available for learners to use on Centres should also incorporate the following themes, where appropriate, as strands running through each of the
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