Preparing Teens For The Future

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Preparing Teens for Challenges What is the best way to prepare teens for challenges they will face in the future? If society had the correct answer to this question we would have a world with perfect parents, teachers, and guardians. Obviously, we do not live in this kind of world therefore; the answer to this question is still and always will be under analysis. As many do, I have a strong opinion for the conclusion to this problem. Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this issue, but several reasonable ideas that lead to a conclusion in the success of preparing teenagers to deal with challenges they will face. Whether, you are a parent, teacher or mentor, I feel it is important to allow as much of a sense of independence for adolescents, while guiding them with what is right and what is wrong. If we are constantly making decisions for our children then they have no voice of reason. With out a voice of reason they have no sense of identity. With out an identity there is no self esteem. An adolescent with no self esteem…well we know the road that leads to. As a parent, preparing a teenager for the challenges that lie ahead can be a gamble. Dealing with human behaviors allows no guarantee of an outcome. Although there are methods of parenting that can increase the success of positive decision making for a teen. There are dos and don’ts to having success for the preparation of the inevitable. If parents always bail their children out of situations or never allow them to make mistakes they will never be prepared for the reality of adulthood. If Jonny is always right and never does anything wrong according to mom and dad, how will Jonny be able to face social and future professional challenges where always being right is non existent. Our teachers should use a balance of challenging teens, respecting their ideas and encourage them in making the right
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