Preparing for a Career in Public Safety Essay

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Glen Anderson Preparing for a Career in Public Safety CJ100-03 Professor Nancy Horton Subject: Missed Seminar Concepts, Skills, and Issues in the field of Criminal Justice The job interview are for you to find out more about the employer and the job, but the interview is far more about tem then you. The interview can fulfill several purposes. The primary purpose of the personal interview are for the employer to get a look at you, listen to you, see how you perform under stress, observe how you analyze problems, test your people skills, and test your knowledge. There are different types of interviews: the behavior-based interview is an interview process based on the concept that the best prediction of future behavior is present or past behavior; the formal interviews is rather ridged with question being asked one after another and the interviews giving little or no response to tip you off as to how you are doing:; the information interviews is the classic interview they are straightforward and are typically one-on-one; the mass interview involve several candidates being interviewed in rapid succession, or in assembly-line fashions; and the stress interview purpose is to make you uptight so the interviewers can evaluate how you handle stress. Rapid-fired questioning, interviewer hostility, and unusual furniture configuration may all be parts of the stress interview. Unnecessary interviews may be conducted when the position is already filled but policy demands the position still be advertised or that a certain number of people be interview, the courtesy interviews may result from connections, but are still legitimate interviewing opportunities, and the teleconferencing and video interview. the videoconference interview are for two primary reason, for the increased use of this method that others beyond the formal process can view the interview and

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