Preparing for a Career in Public Safety Essay

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Final Project CJ100: Preparing for a Career in Public Safety Criminal justice is a wide ranging field that includes many different categories of work, requiring a variety of skills. The criminal justice system includes police, courts, and corrections officers who work at the local, state, and federal levels. These levels of the justice system can function separately or jointly, but the majority of activity occurs at the local level. Generally, criminal justice careers can be divided into four categories, police, probation, corrections, and security. Police officers and detectives are the best known of all criminal justice professionals. Their deeds are highlighted in nightly newscasts and are the subject of dozens of television shows. The duties of uniformed police officers vary, depending on the size of the municipality for which they work. On a small police force, an officer might be called upon to handle all aspects of the job, from patrol to paperwork. As the forces get larger, the job requirements are usually more specialized. Police officers might patrol a beat in a car or on a boat, or on horseback, bicycle, or motorcycle. Police officers face real dangers on a daily basis as they respond to emergencies. However, not all of their duties are glamorous or dangerous. Some officers work in courtrooms to maintain order. All must keep records of their activities and write meticulous reports in the event that they are asked to testify in court. Many are asked to serve as traffic control officers, either at special events or during an emergency. Police officers might work at the city, state, or federal levels, but colleges, industries, public school systems, transportation agencies, and other special agencies also maintain police forces. Detectives collect evidence once a crime has been committed. They

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