Preparing For A Career Essay

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Krista Stinson Ms. Harris Comp. I 10 March 2011 Preparing for a Career Intro: Many people consider a college education a way to obtain a better job. However, there is a significant difference between obtaining a job and pursuing a career. In society today, making money and supporting a family is the top priority for most college students. In Preparing for a Career by Derek Bok, the two types of college degree programs, vocational and liberal, are examined for the education they offer, argued to determine the best future for the student, and questioned on whether these programs should be integrated. A. The programs in vocational studies and liberal studies are both essential and offer many advantages. “Spurred by competition for students, university officials have responded by mounting a wide array of vocational majors ranging from traditional staples, such as business and engineering…” (Bok 36) Transition: Although many schools fight to offer both degree programs for their students, how does one determine which program is the most beneficial to the future? B. Choosing a future can be either a tough or an easy decision. “There has long been disagreement over whether vocational majors are actually better preparation for a career than a liberal arts degree.” (Bok 36) Transition: The choice of which program to study is a choice that eventually has to be made; however, there will always be that small group of students that do not want to settle for one program. C. Finally, the vocational and liberal programs are not likely to be integrated in the near future. “Only if both faculties recognize the cost of going their separate ways will they achieve the full potential of both the liberal arts and vocational education in serving all the needs of their students.” Transition: There is no piece of evidence on the planet that proves whether either program
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