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Preparing Domain and Group Structures Essay

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Preparing Domain and Group Structures

Preparing Domain and Group Structures
Raja Misra
University of Phoenix, POS 421

This paper will outline the steps required to be taken to prepare a domain and its group structures..

Preparing Domain and Group Structures
In order to prepare for a domain, the first thing that has to be decided is how many forests there are going to be and what resources are available. Once this has been done, the administrator can then design the domain prior to going live. In the diagram below it shows how company ABC has setup their main domain and sub domains. In this example, the administrator had to look at what levels of trust had to be established allowing for a shortcut trust between the sales department in both Asia and Europe. This allows the two similar entities within the company to communicate between their databases faster without having to go through the main server at   the corporate   headquarters. There are 3 levels of trust between the different domains and sub domains in the network.
(Morimoto, 2010)

Steps to setup the Domain
Before setting up your domain controller, you must first setup the AD forest and Domain. To do so you will use the tool ADPREP. ADPREP sets up parameters for the preparation of a an active directory for the domain.
  * Updating the Active Directory schema
  * Updating security descriptors
  * Modifying access control lists (ACLs) on Active Directory objects and on files in the SYSVOL shared folder
  * Creating new objects, as needed
  * Creating new containers, as needed

A note of warning for newbie admin is to be careful and watch the schema that the ADPREP tool makes in the Active Directory Domain Service. You need to backup the domain and domain controller before allowing anyone to use it.

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