Preparing Care Staff Essay

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Preparing care staff for an inspection Principles and values: Principles and values of manor care home include: -to respect clients and staff It is important to be that the principle of being respected is enforced, with high respect and values. For instance, a staff member being respectful towards its client, with due to respect of their individuality, taking into consideration of their beliefs, e.g. a providing a range and variety of products or services to individuals that meets their needs, in this case, a non-vegetarian client, should be provided with a source of meal that is respectfully meeting their needs. -to be treating clients and staff as individuals This means to be treated specifically to your individual needs. An example of this principle being enforced is that if a nurse had to work but has to have her lunch time at a particular time so she can go pick up her daughter, employers will create a schedule to suit that particular person. -to treat client and staff in a dignified way Being treated in a dignified way means that it should result in clients and staff feeling valued and respected. It is to be treated fairly and equally to the rest. E.g. An example of this principle is that all staff members are allowed a certain amount of holidays a year. This shows they are all treated fairly as they are given the same amount of days off. -to treat staff and clients equally and not discriminate against This principle means to be treated equally to everyone else and that race, ethnicity; gender shouldn’t affect the way you are treated. An example of this principle in that a black man and a white female patient will be treated equally and nothing will affect the way they are treated by staff members. -to allow clients and staff privacy To have privacy means to be free from being observed or disturbed by other people. An example of how this
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