Preparing a Standard Solution of Sodium Carbonate

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Preparing a Standard Solution of Sodium Carbonate The aim of this experiment was to produce a standard solution of sodium carbonate which would be used later on for the titration of Hydrochloric acid. Method Equipment Spatula: this was required to transfer the sodium powder into the volumetric flask. Weighing scales: this was required to weigh he anhydrous sodium powder so the scales should have a suitable point of precision. Distilled water: this was required to add to the anhydrous sodium powder. Weighing boat: this was required to weigh the anhydrous sodium powder; it was used to put on the weighing scales. Anhydrous sodium powder: this was required to easily mix with water. Labelled 250cm3 Volumetric Flask: this was required for the final solution of sodium carbonate. Filter Funnel: this was required to ensure all the products were in the beaker and volumetric flask. Safety goggles: this was required for safety, in case any solution splashed. Pipette: this was required so as much water possible entered the volumetric flask, to make the experiment precise. Procedure 1) First, the boat was weighed and was 0.97g (to two decimal places) 2) Anhydrous sodium was added to the boat and weighed, the weight of the sodium was 1.06g (two decimal places) 3) The spatula was used to transfer the sodium powder into a dry 100cm3 volumetric flask 4) The boat was reweighed to see how much powder was used. The mass of the boat with remaining residue was 0.98g (to two decimal places) 5) The volumetric flask was half filled with distilled water. 6) More distilled water was added until the water sat on the bottom of the meniscus; the volumetric flask was labelled with my name, the date and the product within the flask. Results Mass of empty boat | *To two decimal places *To two decimal places 0.97 g* | Mass of boat + powder | 2.03 g* |

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