Preparation for Performance Management 10 Mbps Lab Essay

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Week 2 Ilab Netw 420 – Enterprise Network Management Name : Lab Report Use the Word deliverable template located in the iLab deliverables section of the course to write your lab report and to answer the required questions below. You must retype the questions in your lab report in order to make your answers very clear. Also, you should support your answers with graphical results. In most cases, you will be instructed to view the graph either AS IS or time_average, and it might also be suggested that you might want to zoom in when necessary. However, please do not hesitate to include additional graphs in any view of your choice any time you feel those graphs may support your answer. Also, you are encouraged to use your textbook, the Internet, or any other reference material you feel will help you support your answers to the questions. However, make sure you reference any such materials at the end of your lab report. Copying a graph to your lab report After you have clicked Show to view your graphical data, click anywhere on that specific panel and then hit the Alt and Prt Scr keys on your keyboard at the same time. If you now go to your Word document and select Edit –> Paste from your toolbar (or Ctrl-V), the graph will be pasted into your Word document. Some questions will require you to import specific graphs, but you should feel free to import graphical results any time you feel it helps support your answer. Also, always make sure that you clearly title your graphs, including your initials. Here is an example. Report Results Required Lab Questions for NETW420, Performance Management Lab Part I (This section is worth 75% of your grade for this lab) Before you answer the following questions, you might find this insight useful. Remember that the network you are analyzing is a shared Ethernet network (because of the two hubs). This

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