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Prep school Many boys in the UK is getting send to prep schools every year. A prep school is a fee-paying school for kids at the age of 8-13 years old; it is often preparing them for entry into British public schools or other secondary level schools. What kind of effect could it probably have if you send your 8-year-old boy into a boarding school, when he is still very young? Is it too early for them to leave their home? Many people would say that it is, but they forget of all the things that the boys learn, while they are boarding and have to take more care of themselves and also their friends sometimes. Many parents choose prep school for their children because they have been boarders themselves. I do not know if it should be a benefit or not, they probably think that the boys will get a good experience just because they loved it. Often the boys think that their parents have many expectations because of that. Dominic Allen is one of those boys. He is 11 and normally he lives in China with his parents. He flew all the way with his parents, so he could attend the prep school in England. They flew back to China after saying goodbye. His dad were a boarder and he told Dominic that he had to be strong. Dominic says, “My dad says usually boarders the first day they cry at night, I’ve figured out I shouldn’t. Just to show that I am tougher. Make my dad proud”. In this case it is not just the parents who have many expectations, Dominic also have expectations to himself, I think that he is a competitive person, who wants to be better and show his parents that he can do this even though they are so far away. I think that his father is giving him a lot of that courage he have. When Dominic are telling something about not getting homesick and missing your parents, it is always his father, who tells him something about it, “My dad was also a boarder. He says: You have

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