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After reading A Seperate Peace and Prep, one may conclude that these novels represent a rather accurate portrayl of teen life experiences. In both stories, the main characters, Lee and Gene, are muddling through the harsh struggles of adolescence. They both battle with youth and are searching to find themselves. There is a certain aura of innocence that exists in these two teenagers, and they eventually develop an open mind about the world. Lee is a fourteen year old girl and Gene is a seventeen year old boy. In both novels, these curious teenagers needed to fight their insecurities and the influence of other persuasive teenagers in order to grow up. When they attend their boarding schools, they evenutally realize that there is much more to the world in which they live in than their naive minds have allowed them to believe. In the book, Prep, by Curtis Sittenfield, Lee Fiora was a bright fourteen year old girl who resides in Indiana. Her intelligence brought her to Ault, a boarding school which was full of attractive teenage boys and dramatic teenage girls. Over her four years of high school, Lee experienced a rush of her adolescence. At first, Lee entered the school as an inverted, anti-social individual. She kept to herself, and confided in the other outcasts in the school. " I kept seeing Ault students in groups of two or three. After the bus had let us off- it hadn't been full, and no one had taken the seat next to mine- I'd hoped that I would be able to blend into a crowd of strangers, but the mall was almost empty. I told myself that the other students were probably going to the movies, which would start in less than an hour, and then I could wander around in peace." (47) During her years at Ault, Lee coped with many changes in herself. She has puzzling feelings towards her teachers,

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