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1. Title Page 2. Table of Contents 3. Executive Summary This section should comprise a brief overview of the case, giving a brief background and noting any important assumptions made. (You will not have all the information you would like - so you may need to make some assumptions). As well as this, you should give a synopsis of your case report, noting very briefly the major problems identified and the recommended solutions. One page is enough. 4. Problem Identification and Analysis In this section you should identify all the major problems in the case in behavioural terms, ie. in Management/OB related terms (it is not a marketing or an accounting case). Try to get to underlying causes of problems, not just symptoms. Seek advice from your tutor on the layout of this information. You should link each problem identified to relevant theory and also to actual evidence from the case. Remember you MUST integrate theory and reference all non-original work. 1 - Introductory Stage *identifies the problem arising out of the case study *usually introduces some initial theory as background to the problem identified Body 2 - Case Evidence Stage * introduces case evidence to illustrate the problem identified *may also incorporate further theory 3 - Commentary Stage * comments on the problem presented through interpretation, discussion of possible outcomes, etc. * is based on student's own thinking * can also incorporate theory Conclusion 4 - Conclusion Stage * makes a concluding general statement about the problem before moving on to the next section or sub-section 5. Statement of Major Problems In most case studies you will identify a number of problems - too many to actually 'solve' in the number of words allowed. Hence it is crucial to make it very clear which are the major two or three

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