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Prenup Essay

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Centuries ago, men and women did not marry for love; they got married for money. The union of a man and a woman was strictly business to create finical security or combine fortunes. As time went by, people in the United States became free to choose their own partners and actually get marry for “love.” Because people now believe that a marriage should be based on love, they are quick to reject the idea of a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement is a legal agreement between an engaged couples prior to being married. It provides for an agreed upon distribution of assets if the marriage ends in divorce(http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/prenuptial-agreement-benefits-drawbacks-29909.html, n.d.). People, who make fairly more than their significant others, mainly men, often ask their partner to sign a prenup because he/she is sometimes uncertain of their spouses’ real motives.
A prenuptial agreement can protect your financial stability. If one person has more debt than the other, a prenup can protect the debt-free spouse from also taking on the responsibility of the debt. The biggest reason couples look into prenuptial agreements is to protect his/her assets and wealth after a divorce. I certain states, by law, after a divorce the spouse with the lowest income are usual entitled to some share of the more financially stabled spouse’s assets (http://www.prenuptialagreements.org/pros-cons/, n.d.). By having a prenuptial agreement, that spouse can be assured that their finance will be protected after the marriage. For example, it was reported in January 2012 that basketball player Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, would walk away from their marriage with $75 million and 3 mansions (Kobe Bryant Divorce from Vanessa Bryant, 17 October 2012). Many argued that Kobe should have made her sign a prenup in order to protect his assets and wealth. However, a prenuptial agreement is not always just about finances.
A prenup can protect the inheritance right of children and...

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