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With reference to a service sector organization relevant to your programme of study , explain the market structure which is most important appropriate to its business activities.Provide examples of the ways in which competition between the organization and rival firms is reduced. Premier Inn’s strategy is to “create value for their shareholders by focusing investment and growth in expanding sectors of the hospitality industry and delivering outstanding performance across its businesses.” (Whitbread, 2010) This essay will analyse the market structure of Premier InnHotel , will identify its main competitors and explain how competition can be reduced. No doubt , Premier Inn is the UK`s largest hotel chain with about 600 hotels.The Premier Inn brand has existed for almost two years , but quickly became favorite for business travallers.Also Premier Inn is part of Whitbread , UK’s largest hotel and restaurant group , operating market-leading business in the budget hotel and restaurant sectors. The main objective for Premier Inn ist o target both business and leisure travellers.The hotel offers and providing lots varieties of facilities such as meeting rooms , touch base course centres and special offers for families which led to the selection of both categories of the target segments. After a structured presentation of hotel , indentifying, competitors play an important role in the continuation of the essay.Major key players of the Premier Inn , called competitors are : Travelodge , Jury’s Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Confort Inn , Easy Hotel and Ibis. In spite of the large number of competitors , Premier Inn has the largest coverage for its clients throughout UK and Ireland. In addition for recognize the market structure of Premier Inn hotel , the main criteria to differentiate different market structure, are the number and size of produces and consumers in

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