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Informative Speech Premature Birth For any pregnant woman the scariest thing to find out is that you’re in risk of going into labor early. Even worse is the fact that there is nothing you can do about it. Giving birth to a premature child is the most terrifying thing in the world for most women. This has become true not only for most women in the world but also mi sister when she gave birth to mi niece at only weighing 3 lbs. and 7 oz. dealing with the fact of giving birth to a premature child come with the emotional stress of knowing is mi child going to be okay, Today I will be informing you on premature births. I will 1st discuss the causes of premature births, 2nd I will discuss when can premature babies be born, finally I will discuss what can moms expect in giving birth to a premature child. When most men realize they are in risk for early labor they wonder how this can be. Well according to March of…show more content…
Bringing a huge amount of grief on a mom can be very common. When a mom has to cope with seeing their child in NICU for days, weeks and even months, this can be very overwhelming for a mom. Not knowing if your child will survive be born early can bring a tremendous amount of stress and makes things even harder. Some parents have to face the fact that their child may not even come home while as other get to see their child that was born prematurely grown into such a wonder and healthy baby. Some moms in the world have to deal with the scariest thing in the world, knowing that something could be wrong with their child. Today I discussed the causes of premature births, when can a premature baby be born, and the effects it can have on a mom. Even though the risk is very high for a mom to give birth early it can also be prevented. According to USA Today, approximately 1 million babies each year because of born prematurely. While others are very fortunate to grow up and become such a health

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