Premarital Sex and Its Effects Essay

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The topic of premarital sex is one that has been hotly debated for the past few decades. Is sex before marriage beneficial or detrimental to individuals and society? Regardless of whatever the answer to that question may be, one fact remains obvious: the practice of sexual abstinence until marriage has undergone a sharp decline since the 1960s, and continues to decrease as American society as well as several communities around the rest of the world embrace a more liberal approach to sex as a whole. This should be a clear indication that views on sex have drastically shifted from one extreme to the other. Premarital sex is no longer frowned-upon as it used to be and, consequently, has become widespread because it is believed that religious mandates that oppose and condemn sexual behaviors outside of marriage are now antiquated. We live in a sex-saturated society where sex is present everywhere you turn. Many arguments are made in favor of premarital sex while the arguments against it are carrying less and less weight. A culture a sexual freedom is highly encouraged and normalized in today’s world. The main perpetrated ideas are that sex makes people happier because it is feels great, it’s a natural response to our human nature, everybody does it, it helps us “find ourselves”, it is an adequate way of connecting with individuals of the same or opposite gender on a higher level, it helps you find the person you are most sexually compatible with, and the list goes on… In the midst of all these new-age views on sex, an extremely important point that seems to be missed is the effect that sexual licentiousness can have on marital relationships later down the line. Sex is presented to us in such a positive light that nowadays, young people fail to recognize the negative aspects that a tainted sexual past can bring to a marriage. Premarital sex is damaging on a

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