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Susan Ramon | Eng. 122 English Composition II | Darin YoungsDecember 3, 2012 | | Research Proposal “Drug Trafficking in the United States” The topic that I have chosen to write about for my research paper is Drug Trafficking in the United States. I have chosen this topic because is a significant issue in our country and there are many things that need to be done to help find a solution for this problem. The condition of our country because of drug trafficking is getting worse. The amount of money that our government uses to fight the problem is outrages. The research that has been done on this subject is very broad and is hard for me to limit this topic. For over forty years or more the war on drugs has been going on and the hope for a solution is still going strong. I plan to limit my research to the borders. The borders are the ones that have the most influences in the country. Although this is a narrower topic, I am not sure that this topic is narrow enough because of the controversies associated with the war on drugs and the borders. Most of the illicit drugs consumed in the United States come through from Mexico, and virtually all the revenue of Mexican drug-trafficking organizations comes from sales to the United States trafficking. The policies that are in place do not seem to be doing very much as far as easing the problem this country has with drugs and drug crimes. The United States has come a long way when it comes to technology and growth, our government just don’t seem to be able to find a way or figure out how to control the drug trafficking. Drugs have been hurting our children and our community. The scope and nature of the problem for this research paper is Drug Trafficking in the United States. The specific claim is that is the U.S. were able to drastically reduce the amount of drug trafficking, then the amount of people using

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