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Prejudices and Individual Discrimination As we could see in the documentary kids are like sponges, they take and take information from their families, teachers and adults whom they look up to. The problem is that sometimes they take their prejudices as well, that’s why it is really important to teach them tolerance towards different kind of people while they are still young and its easy for them to change their mind. This vast world is full of different kind of people just this country is full of different kind of people so it’s important to learn to accept everyone despite our differences. I find the exercise that the teacher uses with the kids to be a really powerful tool that its based on what basically every culture and religion in the world has taught us before “ the golden rule” that would mean don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want others to do to you. Sometimes people have problems understanding other people and they really have to go thru the same (other people is most fortunate and doesn’t need to go to thru same painful experiences to understand) to get to understand other people I think with kids that’s especially the case, they can’t relate or understand it until they’ve suffered it themselves. That’s why I think that exercise should be used in many places as possible but especially places that deal with little kids like schools, summer camps, extracurricular activities groups, churches young people groups and even by the families themselves. I do believe that if we can raise people with as few prejudices as we can the world would be a better place because if you really think about it prejudices are just fear for the unknown and I don’t think anyone wants to be in

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