Prejudices Essay

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Prejudice is a bias, favoring or opposing something based on personal opinion or feelings. I do not think that I hold any prejudices because I’m not a very judgmental person in general, and I don’t really hold “grudges” per say, against people. Sometimes even though I feel that I am not very prejudice, I fell that I can be prejudiced. Some people will judge me by the way I look, or if I’m not wearing the “in-style” brands. I know that every person judges other people, but sometimes they don’t even give themselves a chance to get to know the other person. Of course I will look at someone and maybe I won’t like one thing they are wearing, or a specific look about them, but I will defiantly at least give them a chance . Some people like to judge people based on their race, or practices; or other people judge them based on whether they are gay, or bi-sexual, if they are a different religion, if they aren’t very rich, or if their political views are different. Some of the results of people discriminating against certain people would end up in huge wars, or other massive traumas. For example, the Holocaust was a result of Hitler being prejudice to Jewish people and thinking that they were not better than everybody else. One way that I think people can avoid or get rid of prejudice is maybe by being less ignorant and giving people a chance. If you hold judgments against people and you don’t even know them, than you are being very prejudice. But, if you learn to give somebody a chance, and you don’t assume that they are one type of person based on what they look like or how they dress, than you will learn to get rid of prejudice, or at least avoid

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