Prejudice: Illegal Immigrants In America

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Dustin Clark Media Report Two Chapters 9 and 10 4/11/2013 Topic One – Prejudice Pg. 309 of Text Our text defines prejudice as a preconceived negative judgment of a group and its individual members. Prejudice reminds me of an article that I read in a magazine while I was sitting the waiting room of a dentist office not too long ago. The magazine, I believe it was Times magazine was talking about the different views of immigration in America and what we are going to do about different issues that our country is facing; such as border security, illegal immigration, uses of resources, etc. One view; which was given by an individual that was born in America but whose family is made mostly of illegal immigrants, making it in my opinion a very…show more content…
The text states that Stereotypes are sometimes overgeneralized, inaccurate, and resistant to new information. I can remember when in the last few weeks of the Oprah Winfrey talk show the network was running reruns of her older shows. On one rerun from 1987 a man named Jerry, and many of his neighbors where ridiculing a homosexual man who happened to have AIDS. Jerry said that he was repulsed that the individual had moved home from a large city, to a smaller community that he had grown up in. He was repulsed even though the man had actually moved home because he knew he was dying. Even though Jerry was raised in a small, conservative community Jerry’s comments were what was repulsing. The hard headed, pea brained Jerry could not understand that homosexuals are everywhere, even in 1987. The only difference is that today we do not feel the need to hide as much, though obviously there are still places where today I wouldn’t vocalize the point that I’m gay. But In 1987 gay marriage was not being thought of, there was no place in America where homosexuals could marry, this gave Jerry more ease in being adamantly opposed to this AIDS positive homosexual who moved home to die. Jerry’s views on the subject where imbedded in him from his upbringing, but that does not make them right. Jerry’s views are an excellent example of home grown…show more content…
Like it or not, in the state of Georgia and in many other states; and with federal crimes, one can be punished for a serious enough offense with death. I can remember watching on television in the news this past September the debate on whether or not Troy Davis was treated fairly. He was convicted on the murder of an off duty police officer. At the time of his trail there were 9 eye witnesses who testified against him. Just before his scheduled execution date 7 of those eye witnesses recanted there story. Troy was eventually executed because all of his legal options had run out. He was treated, and given all of the legal options that every other criminal on death row is given in Georgia. The debate as a whole is on whether or not, as a country we should believe in the “an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” principle. The tendency for people to agree with this principle, is the tendency for them to agree with the just world

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