Prejudice And Racism In Anne Moody's Coming Of Age In Mississippi

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Racism has always been and will always be one of those subjects that people can try to figure out or put to an end, but it is difficult. In this day and time, we are still living amongst those who grew up during the era when racism was openly displayed, and nothing was done about it. Growing up as a child during that era I can imagine can be hard; this was the case for Anne Moody in Coming of Age in Mississippi. Throughout the story Anne goes through several changes growing up. From her childhood through her adult life she’s faced with different challenges, having to acknowledge racial distinctions, dealing with the fact that blacks seemed to appear content with the way they were treated, and finally, seeing the power of discrimination and racism on a much…show more content…
What she was seeing now was that people in her town never stood up for themselves. They accepted the disrespectful treatment they received and always remained quiet about everything. Anne’s mom quiets her when she asks about Emmett Till’s murder; she starts to wonder, “Why is mama acting so scared? And what if Mrs. Burke knew we knew? Why must I pretend I don’t know? Why are these people killing Negroes? What did Emmett Till do besides whistle at that woman” (Moody 404). The fact that Anne has all these questions, but is not getting any answers starts to make her angry, she becomes upset at those who killed Emmett Till, and even Negroes. Anne stated, “I hated them for not standing up and doing something about the murders. In fact, I think I had a stronger resentment toward Negroes for letting the whites kill them than toward the whites” (Moody 409). I believe it was at this time in Anne’s life that she decided what type of person she was going to be. She decided during this time that she could not be like everyone else and just sit back and watch and accept the cruel things that were being done, she was not going to be another content

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