Prejudice And Discrimination Essay

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Prejudice and Discrimination Article Axia College of the University of Phoenix A six month expedition that started in Ohio led to one of the most diverse countries in the world, South Africa. South Africa, also known as the “rainbow nation” has a diverse population with over 45 million South Africans. Out of the 45 million, 31 million are Black, five million are White, three million are Coloured and one million are Indian (, 2009). South Africa, a country of numerous ethnic groups with different languages and cultural backgrounds, yet racially segregated. An amazing discovery of prejudice and discrimination within this country awaited me. Coming from one of the most liberal countries in the world, the United States of America, I witnessed racism firsthand in Africa amongst the Coloured people and Black Africans. The Coloureds of Africa are people of mixed race, usually of Black Africans or Indians with British Whites. Malay slaves from Indonesia and Malaysia were brought to Cape Malay. The offspring of the Malay and Dutch soldiers contributed to the genetic pool of the Coloureds people. The Coloureds regard their white race from the male line and consider people Coloureds if they are descendants of a European man. The Coloureds reside in the Northern and Western Cape Province of the Republic of South Africa. Some of the people of the Rehoboth community in Namibia are classified as Coloureds. About 80% speak Akrikaans “African language” and 20% speak English. The official language of the Cape was Dutch, which was slightly different then the language spoken in Holland. The Coloureds are rich in culture and hold traditional musical parades called the ministrel carnival. In Coloured communities, people strieve to have the correct hair texture and facial features. The Coloured people use words such as

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