Prejudice And Discrimination Essay

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Prejudice and Discrimination in Bosnia Article Assignment Justin Galloway SOC-120 Sunday March 4, 2012 Saba Adhal Axia College, University of Phoenix Many people are of the belief that one can only live a happy, fulfilling life in one place and around the same people; other people firmly believe that an individual can only achieve true happiness and fulfillment from travelling abroad. The former group may be content to never move beyond the culture and society of their immediate surroundings; the latter group thinks that a person cannot truly appreciate life in its entirety if not subjected to the plethora of differences in society and culture. Humanity cannot fully appreciate these differences through a TV screen, or even a book. With that thought in mind, this articles’ purpose is to attempt to impress upon the reader the major social and cultural differences in Bosnia, amongst the Muslims, Serbians, and Croatians. Once, not too long ago, Serbs, Muslims and Croats lived in peace with one another; a close-knit group of shared ethnic and cultural heritage. Relations, though peaceful, suffered from an upset to the political system, resulting in a war beginning in 1992 and ending in 1995, the ramifications of that war are seen still today; 20 years later. Throughout history wars have been fought by mankind for land, for Religion, for love, for property, or for profit. The displacement of life and resources during these trying phases can often take an extended period to recover from. Tensions resulting from old hatreds are renewed in anger over the lack of sufficient resources for everyone, and poor economic conditions the cause for tempers to flare. Failure to find a commonality to help reintegration into coexistent states a less difficult task to accomplish may gain the outcome of further bloodshed. Currently living in Bosnia is the

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