Prejudice And Discrimination Essay

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Prejudice and Discrimination All over the world many people face biased opinions which are inflicted upon them for no reason at all. Prejudice and discrimination are found not only in the United States but other countries as well. Despite being in the twenty first century, many people have not gotten out of the same way of thinking from many years past. Race and Ethnicity The topics of race and ethnicity are two entirely different things, which often times many people get extremely confused over. A race of people is comprised of a socially constructed category or group of people that share a likeness in biologically transmitted traits that certain members in society would perhaps deem important. People often times group others in their race by their physical features i.e. skin color, body shape, facial features, and hair texture. (Chapter 11 text) Within a race, there are many different skin tones which are not overlooked. Hence where, certain slurs are made up for individual races, grouping them in a biased manner. Race is something that unfortunately in the work place often times, we are judged over. Having ever done a job application, they always inquire on your racial background to see whether you are Caucasian/white, African American, Indian, Spanish, or Native American to name a few. Ethnicity however relates to the shared cultural heritage of a group of people i.e. religion, ancestors, language, and culture. The example of this would be a family which is Irish and raised Roman Catholic, as this is the culture they are raised in along with the customs. When someone inquires on ethnicity it relates to where the person’s heritage is from. Within each country there are also minority groups which also face the same different classifications of diversification concerning race and ethnicity. Often times most minority groups are relating to different Spanish

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