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prejudice Essay

  • Submitted by: mikegolf
  • on April 28, 2008
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World Peace and Prejudice
            When the word prejudice is spoken, many things come into my thoughts; the most profound of thoughts is the racial division between races. There are many other forms of prejudice, discrimination from religious preference, sexual persuasion, gender, and social cultures.   What I want to discuss is the prejudice that exists within the Arab community in the Middle East.   By no means am I an expert; however, I have spent a total of 30 months overseas in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq.
        I have recently completed 23 years of service in the United States Army.   My career has taken me to spend time in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait during Desert Shield/Storm.   I also spent an additional 5 months in Kuwait during follow on missions after Desert Storm.   I once again had the pleasure to be assigned to Kuwait for one year following 9/11 during the pre-war invasion, and was once again sent back to Iraq to participate in Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
          My entire career, I was learning my craft in combat arms (Tanks), and during this time, the threat that was most obvious was the cold war with the Soviet Union.   I never knew any Russian soldiers, but I was taught over time to hate the soviet soldiers, Okay, maybe hate is a harsh word, but this is what we focused on for the bulk of my career.   I remember once I was flying on a space available flight, and we had a stopover in Gander, Newfoundland, while we were waiting for plane service, a Russian troop transport also landed.   Not a single soldier from either side has ever met each other or had any reason to become enemies.   It was as if a scene from a rumble was developing, the Russian soldiers were on one side of the terminal, and the U.S forces were on the other having a stare down.   The tension was very real, had it not been for our plane being ready, I truly believe this stare down would have escalated to something more.   Nevertheless, why did soldiers...

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