Prejudice Essay

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Social & Developmental Psychology Research paper outline 1. Introduction Prejudice. The role of prejudice in forming discriminative behavior * Definition of prejudice * Functions fulfilling prejudice in behavior 2. 1st body paragraph * How prejudice influences different types of segregation * Verbal attitude and overt behavior 2nd body paragraph * Education as a tool to prevent discrimination caused by prejudice * Description of techniques preventing discrimination caused by prejudice 3. Conclusion * Importance of social justice as value Prejudice. The role of prejudice in forming discriminative behavior. The term prejudice can be encountered in any field of our lives: at schools, universities, workplaces, streets, at any service organizations. However do we know what does it actually mean? What kind of behavior may result from prejudice? This paper is reviewing the formulation process of prejudice and analyzes education as a tool to prevent prejudice in society. Prejudice usually refers to a negative or hostile attitude toward another social group (Definitons and overview of prejudice & discrimination, 2004). Often this term is confused with “discrimination”, while there is some distinction between them. So, if prejudice expresses a belief or attitude, then discrimination is the performance of that belief or attitude. Nevertheless, these two terms do not create a strong causal relationship. For example, one can experience institutional discrimination despite the fact that the staff of institution is not consisted of people with prejudices (Definitons and overview of prejudice & discrimination, 2004). Erroneous and inflexible generalizations, unreasonable feelings of antipathy, discriminatory perceptions and sometimes even enmity towards members of “out-groups” are creating a base for prejudiced

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