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The politically correct term for our indolent society’s lack of knowledge and sheltered lives is prejudice. Before I present any explanations, break down the word prejudice into two parts. Pre is before and judge is to make judgment. It is a negative preconceived word that has allowed a worldwide epidemic called judgment. Our childhood demonstrates how parental guidance could have actually been misleading and provided a misguiding protective life. It all has to do with the way we assimilate knowledge. “When you don’t know better, you belittle.” Developing prejudice is as easy as being too lazy to objectively weigh new information and change our viewpoints. The facts that do not fit into our theories of how the world is, or should be, are stored away into the deserted part of our brain. The media, like every other operating business today, is designed to produce money and convey what they believe is beneficial to them. Despite some improvements, television is constantly depicting certain stereotypes. Actors/actresses, students, everyone and anyone are always heard repeating phrases like “Is it because I’m black?” or “You’re Colombian, so you must do cocaine.” After years of witnessing the same groups targeted, it still manages to get under my skin. In a way, coming from a Colombian background does not help the situation because I am far from a cocaine abuser or user. The worst of them all would have to be when the same groups target each other. You would think that there was some compassion towards each other, yet the unexpected groups throw the remaining under the bus. The only way we stand a chance in reducing prejudice is by asking society to step out of their comfort zones and forget their childhood lessons. I am sure that there are detailed, philosophical theories, but this is the “don’t beat around the bush” version. If we were raised in an environment that

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