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How has your study of film and poetry helped develop your understanding of prejudice? In todays modern society the issue of prejudice is rising. Prejudice can be defined as a hostile attitude or feeling towards someone because of their race, religion or maybe even their gender. In the film Bend it like Beckham, the director Gurinder Chadha explores racial prejudice and prejudice against those who challenge gender stereotype. The poem ‘Mother to Son’ by Langston Hughes also explores racial prejudice in particular the prejudice of the dominant race from the minority. The film Bend it Like Beckham is set in London and is the story of Jesminder (Jes) a young Indian girl whose infatuation is football, much to her parent’s discontentment. Chadha positions the viewer to sympathise with the main character Jes as she is the victim of gender stereotyping. Jes’s mother is the main protagonist in this film as her expectations for her daughter are different to what Jes wants to achieve. Jes’s mother shows her disapproval of girls playing soccer through the use of dialogue in the opening scene. When asked if she is proud of her daughter the mother replies “Not at all! She shouldn't be running around with all these men showing her bare legs to 70,000 people! She's bringing shame on the family.” This further reinforces the theme of gender stereotype as the mother believes that girls should not be playing soccer but rather focus on learning how to cook. “What family wants a daughter in law who can only kick a football around and cannot cook?” Jes does not agree with this as she later complain “Anyone can cook aloo Gobi, - but who can bend a ball like Beckham?” Chandra uses a contrast between the two sisters to further establish the theme of gender stereotype. Jes’s sister ironically named Pinkie is the conventional girl who is into make-up, hair and looks whereas Jes challenges

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