Prehistoric and Mesopotamian Civilizations

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Prehistoric and Mesopotamian Civilizations (The Arrival) The time travel back to the Bronze Age was a success. First glance I didn’t see anything that would fascinate a position in my book, but as I examined the area I came across one of the earlier known writing systems: Cuneiform Script. Knowing that the Sumerians used pictographs for translation they used clay tablets and a blunt reed or in our time a stylus. This stylus was a wedge shaped object which helped give the impressions in the tablet. Also, this gave the name cuneiform "wedge shaped", which derived from the Latin cuneus "wedge". To my surprise I came across some Sumerians that help me understand the Cuneiform a lot better. With the help of our time technology I was able to understand their language. They explained that Cuneiform was the first written language; that it was used to keep the earliest records of the past with information such as laws, strategies, stories, etc. As they explained that they used wet clay to write down the information then set aside to dry I couldn’t help but to be thankful for the use of writing forms we have now. Paper is and will always be useful and we don’t take the time to really understand that and its developments. Anyways, knowing that the Sumerians, which were the cause of the first written languages, help me understand that it wasn’t any transhistorical links to the Cuneiform; the whole idea of writing down data derived from their

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