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Critical Thinking & Application Paper St. Petersburg College Applied Ethics Program ------------------------------------------------- Instructions: Read the case and answer the questions your instructor provided. It’s probably more useful to think of these as detailed and thorough answers, rather than as one long, traditional essay. PREGNANT ATHLETES During her junior season, Fantasia Goodwin started every game for the Syracuse women‘s basketball team. When Fantasia became pregnant during this season she debated with her decision whether to tell her coach. A spokesperson for the Syracuse athletic department reports that ―when the athletic department becomes aware that a student-athlete in a physical contact sport is pregnant, we pull her immediately and refer her to our medical staff. This response may be motivated in part by concerns for the student, fetus and the university‘s potential liability. The American Gynecological and Obstetrics Association officially recommends that certain activities be avoided during pregnancy, including ―contact sports, such as ice hockey, soccer, and basketball [which] could result in harm to both you and your baby. Aside from contact, another source of potential harm from athletic activity is the potential for fetal overheating. Fetal temperatures average 1 degree C above maternal readings, and a maternal temperature of 102.6 degrees has been identified as a possible threshold for developing teratogenic and neural tube defects during the first trimester of pregnancy. Despite these warnings, medical professionals point out that there is wide variability among women and pregnancies, suggesting that in individual cases vigorous athletic activity may be more or less dangerous. Interestingly, Goodwin played the entire season pregnant until she delivered a healthy baby boy two months after the season ended.

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