Pregnant Stroke Essay

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In this assignment, I need to reflect on what I have seen on the vignette of “pregnant stroke (midwife)” to develop my interpersonal skill for therapeutic communication. For this purpose, I am going to use the five“R’s”of reflection which consist of five stages to complete one cycle. The cycle starts with reporting, next is responding, third is relating, whilst fourth is reasoning and fifth is reconstructing. Baird and Winter (2005, p.156) give some reasons why reflection is require in the reflective practice – they state that a reflect is to generate knowledge, assist an ability to adapt to new situations, develop self-esteem and satisfaction as well as to value, develop and professionalizing practice. However, Siviter (2004,p.165) explain that reflection is about gaining self-confidence, identify when to improve, learning from own mistakes and behaviour , looking at other people perspectives, being self-aware and improving the future by learning the past. In my context, it is important for me to improve the therapeutic relationship which is the nurse-patient relationship. In the therapeutic relationship, there is the therapeutic rapport established from a sense of trust and a mutual understanding which exists between a nurse and a patient that is built in a special link of the relationship (Hark reader and Hogan, 2004, p.243). Besides, Ruesch ( 1961, cited in Arnold and Boggs 2007, p.200) mention the purpose of the therapeutic communication is to improve the patient’s ability to function. So in order to establish a therapeutic nurse-patient interaction, a nurse must show up caring, sincerity, empathy and trustworthiness (Kathol, 2003, p.33). Those attitudes could be expressed by promoting the effective communication and relationships by the implementation of interpersonal skills. Johnson (2008) define the interpersonal skills is the total ability to communicate

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