Pregnant Persuasive Letter

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Dear Sara, I know that you are pretty clueless about being pregnant, as this is your first time, and maybe excited and nervous all at the same time. I am writing this to let you know a little bit about what you can expect during your pregnancy, what your little one will be going through, and what you can do to assist in having a healthy newborn. First I would suggest that you quit smoking. Nicotine is a teratogen, a substance that crosses the placenta and harms the baby; smoking during pregnancy can cause many learning and behavior problems, as well as delivering a premature or under weight baby. Other teratogens include drugs, alcohol, infections, and some medications. Each teratogen can cause many different birth defects and behavior…show more content…
During the first trimester you may feel tired, nauseas, and experience morning sickness. Morning sickness does not just happen throughout the morning, it can happen anytime throughout the day and even last all day. You may also not get that sick and may just feel nauseas the majority of the time. There is also a high rate of miscarriage during your first semester, which in most cases can’t really be avoided. By week eight of the first trimester your baby will have all it’s organs, including its heart and by week twelve the sex of the baby can be determined. During your second trimester you will start to feel better. During this trimester you will start to actually feel the baby inside, which can help you connect more to your baby and actually feel pregnant. Your baby will have hair and the brain will start to form. During your third trimester you will become very large and possibly feel very uncomfortable. Some women get heartburn and insomnia and even anxious awaiting the baby. Your baby can start to hear sound outside the body and its pupils can even react to light. You baby could be born during the second trimester with an age of viability at 22 weeks, meaning that’s the earliest a baby can survive outside the mother’s womb. The main deciding factor if a premature baby will
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