Pregnant at 18 Essay

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“Pregnant At 18” At 18 years of age, I received the news that I was pregnant. Maybe that was a good news for someone married and hoping to start a family. But for me a third year college student the news brought me fear. How can I tell my parents? Will they hate me? How can I tell my boyfriend? Will he still love me and take responsibility? These are some of the questions that first come to my mind. Another big question what will I do? Should I continue to have the baby or should I abort it. I finally have the courage to tell my boyfriend our situation. He was shocked and didn’t know what to do. Given our age and the fact that both of us were students without steady jobs. How can we raise our child? My boyfriend told me that he still not ready for taking responsibility, at that moment the only thing I can do was to cry. Then I slapped him and tell him goodbye. Days passed by and I decided to live in my Uncle’s house in Pasig City. My parents get annoyed why all of a sudden, I decided to stay there but they remained silent. A month later I told my cousin that my menstruation was delayed. She asked me how long and who was the father? I told her the story and she advised me that my parents should know my situation and so we did. I’m happy that my parents are very supportive. Even though they were disappointed they still accept and forgiven me on my mistake. I really feel that they love me that much by staying by my side. My family and I decided that I will countinue to bear the child. On the third month of my pregnancy I received an unexpected call. It was the mother of my ex – boyfriend. She told me that she knew that she would have a grandchild soon and she was very excited. She asked me if they can meet with my parents personally and felt sorry for what his son did. When they came in our house my ex-boyfriend cried and apologized and asked for my

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