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In America today, teenagers are more influenced to have sex. They are influenced by the media, celebrities, and other teenagers; shows like The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Gossip Girl, 16 and pregnant. These shows make it seem okay for teenagers to have sex, and the consequences of their actions are going to be “easy” once they have their child, which isn’t the case for everyone. Teenagers do not realize how much work having a child is and how much sacrifices are made because of the child. The percentage of teenage pregnancy is increasing everyday; teenagers need to know that teenage pregnancy is 100 percent preventable. Being a teenager is already hard enough with school, friends, sports, worrying about your GPA, and your girlfriends and boyfriends. Why would you want to add a kid in your busy agendas? No one wants to be the black sleep, therefore they want to “fit in,” and since “everyones” having sex, teenagers want to have sex in order to fit in. The consequences of having sex only make your life harder. Safe sex is no sex. One of the many consequences that can happen is single mothers. These girls are usually ignored by society and their families because their families are too ashamed to help their child and the father of the baby runs away. The girl has to maintain a job and raise the child all by herself without any support. This is an important issue of teen pregnancy, but shows like “Teen Mom” glorify being a teen mom, when in reality, it’s hell. Sexually transmitted diseases are also one of the many consequences that can happen when having sex. Relating back to teen mothers, some, if not, a lot, teen mothers and desperate women earn money by becoming prostitutes on streets. Teens use their sexuality in order to earn a living to raise their child, and doing this can cause them to obtain STD’s. Most teenagers do not think that they’ll get STD’s.

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