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Being pregnant could be life changing especially when you you’re not ready for one financially. From the time u find out there is something else inside you begin to see that your life is going to change. In some occasions it’s hard to start a relationship with the father of your child because of different family lifestyles. Other times it’s that you are not use to sharing your whole life with someone and that’s the most challenging to give your all for your child. When I found out I was pregnant I was happy but did not realize what I had got myself into. My family is very traditional so you have to get married before you have any kids that went down the drain with me. Sadly I had to tell my parents and my parents in laws what was going on. Everyone was a little upset at first and thing started to change for me. Once I heard the babies first heart beat a tear dropped down my cheek. It was exciting to hear the little baby’s heart; I had no idea that it had a heart beat already. Soon after every meal I ate I would feel nauseous and most of the time ended up throwing up. There’s was times that I couldn’t even get up from bed do to the morning sickness. By the fourth month we went to the mall to get an ultra sound, and found out what it was going to be, a little boy. Then two weeks later at the clinic I was going to they told us it was going to be girl. I sad because we were happy for a boy, but it was okay as long as she came out healthy. Then my life revolved around check-ups doctor’s appointments. When I had another ultrasound I asked the doctor if he could confirm the sex of the baby one last time and he said it was a boy. I didn’t know what to believe anymore. So I went one last time to the mall and they also confirm it was a boy; I was once again happy that I was having a baby boy. No more fun for me as in going out to parties, dancing, or going out with

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