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Pregnancy: the Affects of Drug Abuse While Pregnant Essay

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  • on November 2, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Pregnancy: the Affects of Drug Abuse While Pregnant" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Pregnancy: The Affects of Drug Abuse While Pregnant
Catherine Forst
Rogue Community College

Each year, tens of thousands of infants are exposed to drugs while in their mother’s womb. Because of this, these children are often times born with birth defects, abnormalities, and neurological problems because of the drug abuse. Unfortunately for these innocent and defenseless children, their mother’s poor choices directly affect them and their development both inside their mother’s womb and continually for their entire lives. The child falls victim to their mother’s decisions and is the one to suffer the consequences and deal with the long term effects of substance abuse. Women who abuse substances while pregnant put their child at a great risk of learning disabilities, brain damage, infant withdrawal symptom, and many more birth defects.
From Cradle to Grave
It is not surprising when hearing that psychoactive drug use while pregnant is considered an ongoing problem. “Most money owed to the problem of drug abuse focuses on controlling the supply rather than limiting the demand through effective prevention and treatment. Because drug use affects people throughout their lives, many drug educators believe the prevention should be practiced from cradle to grave” (Inaba & Cohen, 2011, p. 8.1). Psychoactive drugs while pregnant can cause the following harmful side effects to your child: learning disabilities, brain damage, lower birth weight/reduced height, hearing loss, infant withdrawal symptoms, higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome (commonly known as SIDS), neurological abnormalities, long term mental illnesses, and delayed intellectual development.  
An infant can be born addicted and go through withdrawal. This sometimes leads to death of the infant due to the withdrawal symptoms. The drugs can affect the child long after birth and follow them throughout their lives. “Nearly 90% of drug-abusing women are of childbearing age” (Vucinovic, 2008, p. 705)....

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