Pregnancy And Intuition Essay

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Pregnancy and Intuition At one time or another you may have been told to listen to your instincts. Women often claim that they could sense that they were pregnant before even taking a pregnancy test. Women also have been known to predict the sex of their unborn babies. When I was pregnant with my first child I was adamant that I was having a boy. I never had the gender of my baby determined with an ultrasound. When my doctor told me that I had delivered a healthy baby boy, she was confirming what I had known in my heart all along. Pregnant women have been known to have a keen sense of intuition towards their unborn babies. Subconsciously our body let’s us know what is best for you and your baby. My third pregnancy, which was unlike my first two, opened my eyes to the world intuitive thinking. The feelings and emotions I experienced with my third pregnancy taught me the importance of listening to my body, and to always trust my instincts. From the beginning of my third pregnancy I felt as though something was different. I knew that no two pregnancies are alike, although I just couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right. The baby seemed so much smaller never getting bigger than a basketball, unlike the huge watermelon size of my first pregnancies. I also started having frequent dreams that my baby would be born without an arm or limb. Throughout my pregnancy I asked my doctor if he was sure everything was okay. He assured me that all the tests and ultrasounds were normal and that I was carrying a healthy baby. I set my worries aside and trusted my doctor. My fears didn’t end with the health of my unborn baby. I was also having reservations about delivering in a small town hospital. I had the strongest gut feeling that something would go terribly wrong and the hospital wouldn’t be equipped to deal with it. With this fear in mind I

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