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Argentina Zapata BIO*235 First Casey March 7, 2013 Case Study # 3 Diseases: Gangrene in both feet Infectious Agent: Streptococcus type 3 Interpretation of Findings: I figured the diseases base in the signs and symptoms, severe draining, ulcers and hills and toes, and necrotic blackened this typical infection cause by this bacteria Streptococcus type 3. * 63- year old male, alcoholic who has an obvious gangrene on both feet. This type of diseases is very common with alcoholic * Previously, condition both feet were infected by a Streptococcus bacteria type 3 * A chronic disease of gangrene of both feet, plus seizure already treated with phenuloin and barbiturates. * He was noted to have opisthotonic posturing and have develop increasing rigor, respiratory distress and unresponsive. * Necrotic blackened were present on both feet, this is the sign of currant infection call bacteria Streptococcus spp follow of low pressure of 70/30mm Kg a heart rate of 110 beats per minutes * He lives a local area. 1. The trismus is because of the stiff and the neck being hyperextended. 2. Bacteria disease on the skin that is not treated, after a period of time will eat the tissues away reaching the bone. This very bad infection is call gangrene. 3. Removal of the death tissue, but it reaches the bone is not much to do; amputation will be the only solution. 4. If the infection would have being treated early, he would not end up having gangrene. References: 1. Tortora, G.J., Funke, B.T., Case, C.L. (2012) microbiology, An introduction 10th Edition, Boston, MA, Benjamin Cummings 2.

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