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9 months of pregnancy Well as I’m writing this paper I’m currently pregnant I’m 39 weeks due Feb.4,2013. I will be giving birth to a baby boy and his name is Orlando Mason Groves and I cant wait to give birth to my awesome son. Although I’m super excited about giving birth to my son it wasn’t an easy pregnancy. I’m going to go through each month and also the good and the bad of my pregnancy. Month 1 Awaken by pains in my stomach and back im trying to determine whats wrong with me. Im just thinking man im in a lot of pain right now please make it stop! All I could think about is that its just stupid kidney infection or kidney stone. Never thought twice that I could possibly be pregnant, not me, no way! The next morning im still hurting so I decide to go to the emergency room. I hate going to the doctor I had to be in a lot of pain to even think about going to the doctor. So I get the er I sign in give them information and Im patiently waiting in the waiting room. Finally the nurse comes out to do a triage i go in the room and tell her whats going on and she asks me when was my last period and that’s when all of sudden I just blanked out and realized that I haven’t had a period in a month and some weeks now. Then it hit me I could be pregnant! Well I go to the back and pee in cup. Im just waiting and waiting about an hour later the doctor comes in and says have you ever been pregnant and I said yes then he said well congratulations your pregnant! All I could think is WHAT! Your lying! Im not pregnant! I didn’t believe it so I go to the health dept. later on that day and they confirm my pregnancy and tell me im 4 weeks along which is a month. I cant believe it. Im in shock! Telling my boyfriend was going to be easy and hard. I knew that he wanted a child with me and that we loved each other but I just didn’t know how he would take the news. So I told him

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