Pregnancy Essay

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The sweat trickled down my spine, as the fear groped my throat. We stood there waiting in anticipation.... I have never prayed more fervently than the day my girlfriend and i did our pregnancy test. Good morning, to my teacher and fellow colleagues, Teenage Pregnancy at its best! You hear about it on the news and read about it in the newspapers and magazines. Teenage pregnancy has become a menace to society and so! I stand back and wonder, could this menace have been me. Me, a dad at the age of 15, crying baby and changing diapers hmm... I wonder if this, can, be a reality. I can kiss those hours on the grounds with the guys, and XBOX days, goodbye and what about school? At this age, with no experience what kind of job would i find and what kind of dad would i be. Lets just face reality money talks and talking wont pay the bills for a baby. I can barley, even save money for all the dreams and fantasy one person can hold, now to pay for two. Wow! this is not how id pictured my life to be. Leave that aside, how would i tell my parents and what about hers they have never even seen me. All these thoughts are overwhelming, just as the thought of her dad skinning my behind for ruining his only daughters life. A few minutes was all it took and now look at me, about to be a daddy... I stand and watch as the tears roll down her eyes and wonder baby and wife great! everything i ever wanted without the education, fancy car or money so! i guess this is what my life has to be. And so its time to get the results and then i hear a voice calling me. (Your name twice) Wake Up! wake up! your late for school. And i wake up from the nightmare and face reality and so glad that it was only a dream i have never been more glad to say a speech. So to all the guys and gals out there if you think its love i would think twice because it only takes a moment to ruin an entire life

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