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Audrey Morman 01/26/2012 Pregnancy H.W. Questions Human Behavior in the Social Environment 1 5. What is a teratogen? A teratogen refers “to agents that can disturb the development of an embryo or fetus while the tissues and organs are forming. According to the text, Teratogens have a wide variety of forms such as viruses; radiation, alcohol, drugs, and other medicines that pregnant woman takes. The embryo in the first trimester is very sensitive to the disruptive influences of the teratogens especially in the first three (3) through nine (9) weeks(Newnan and Newnan, 2009, p.99). 7. How does a first pregnancy change family roles? According to the text, “by giving birth to a first child, a woman transforms her mother and father into grandparents and her brothers and sister into uncles and aunts. Most of all, pregnancy may strengthen the gender identity of the baby’s mother or father” (Newnan and Newnan 2009, p.107-108) 8. What are some of the sources of stress for a mother during pregnancy? According to the text, “Women experience anxiety and depression as well as positive feelings of excitement thankfulness. Moreover, throughout the pregnancy the expectant mother has recurring worries and fears about the child birth experience of whether the baby will be healthy, her own well being, and the health of her family. These fears come from accentuated problems that she’s heard about with child birth from friends and family”(Newnan and Newnan, 2009, pg.109). 11. What reasons does the text give for the high mortality rate in the United States? According to the text “most of these deaths result from severe birth defects, premature birth, or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in which apparently healthy babies are put to bed and are later found dead with no clear explanation after autopsy “(Willinger, James, and Catz, 1991). More reasons

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