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SAMPLE OUTLINE Subject: Transport Topic: Poor road transport in Nairobi. Thesis: The form of road transport in Nairobi is poor Thesis statement: The form of road transport in Nairobi is poor of reasons such as poor road structure, car congestion, non adherence to traffic rules, improper use of roads, unroadworthy vehicles, poorly placed road terminals, round-abouts and misuse of bridges or lack of them. Outline I. Introduction A Global transport systems C Transport in Kenya D Need for a good transport system in Kenya E Thesis statement II. Causes of poor road transport A Road structure 1. Poor road arrangement 2. Poorly placed terminals 1. Passenger pick out places 2. Oil filling stations 3. Round-abouts B Traffic rules 1. non-adherence to traffic rules 1. lack of a well placed traffic rules and regulations 2. lack of road infrastructure 2. Improper use of roads by drivers 3. Lack or misuse of pedestrian bridges C Unroadworthy vehicles 1. Old cars 2. Faulty vehicles D Car congestion 1. Public service vehicles 2. Personal vehicles E Lack of alternative means of transport III. Results of poor road transport A Poor tourism turn-out 1. local tourists 2. international tourists B Lateness IV. Improving the road transport A Better road structure B Improving the road conditions C Strict road policies V. Conclusion VI. References The poor road transport in Nairobi 09-1483 Steve Ochieng Annam Daystar University English 112Y: Advanced Writing Submitted to Larry Ndivo Department of Language and Performing Arts School of Communication, Language and Performing

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