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Describe the main concepts which underpin your preferred definition of the term ‘development’ and analyse the reasons why others might critique and contest your perspective. Despite the divergence in the definition of development by many scholars, predominant is the complexity and ambiguity in its theory and practice. It is therefore impossible to give a precise definition of the term because of confrontation with challenging and conflicting concepts in its literature and practice. The different circumstances and experiences encountered in the history of world nations have served to contribute greatly to the evolution of the definitions and perceptions of development. Often this is blamed on the effort to perpetuate power and the institutions that wield it. (Stern et al 2005:86, Colin L.1996:7). One underlying concept in the definitions is ‘change’ which is a shift/move from one stage to another. One can thus say the implication of development is progress or “good”/“positive” change. (Chambers 2005:186; Gardner and Lewis 1996:3) This change could involve the move from "traditional to modern”, "subsistence agriculture production to industrialism” (Deutsch, 1961; Rostow, 1960; Ruttan, 1959, Gardner and Lewis 1996, Shirur 2009). 'Positive change’ should emerge from the general consensus of people involved and without suppressing their freedoms by giving them the opportunity to make choices on what their life should look like. (Sen1999). In view of the foregoing, my preferred definition of development takes into cognisance ‘positive change’ (Lewis, 2005:2).As with most recent definitions; mine is influenced greatly by Amaytr Sen’s writings on ‘freedoms’. I perceive development to be a process of change and growth aimed at improving the quality of people’s

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