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Preferences James L. Duncan Jr. Dr. Patrick Adigwe Psychology 105 April 29, 2012 Competitive sports like football, basketball, baseball, and so on, are considered to add a lot of value by bringing people of different states and nationalities together. These sports provide people with entertainment and something to get excited about and are topics of conservation for that break at work or at the smoke pit. Competitive sports also provide that common bond for complete strangers and a common team to cheer for. I like competitive sports because there are a variety of sports psychological skills can enhance performance, improve consistency in training and competition, and minimize or eliminate undesirable mental states, such as anger, frustration, and burnout. Although most athletes understand that their psychological status influences performance, too few actively use the skills necessary to help themselves. Frequently, after a poor race, the psychological factors go unrecognized and the athlete blames other aspects (e.g., diet, training)(Brukner, Khan, 1993). Cognitive psychology is studies the mental processes of how people think, perceive, remember and learn. It is related the other disciplines including neuroscience, philosophy and linguistics. The core focus of cognitive psychology is on how people acquire, process and store information. Research in applied sport psychology has documented the nature of mental preparation, its implementation within sport, and its impact on various cognitive and affective indices among athletes. Both Olympic and intercollegiate athletes have been found to consistently use specific categories of cognitive-behavioral strategies to manage emotions and improve performance. These techniques include mental imagery (e.g., rehearsing tactics, anticipating potential performance problems), thought control (e.g., repeating

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