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Analysis The extract from the piece enumerates effects and changes that occur in a boy’s life from childhood to adolescent stage due to the abandonment of his father. Marc was no longer a high achiever in school and he became very abusive both verbally and physically to his classmates and sometimes teachers. The writer employs a combination of language registers and communicative behaviours to make the piece more interesting. The first conversation of the extract engages the reader with a register which is generally formal. Using this register between Marc and his teacher helped to enhance this piece which is necessary because the teacher is someone in authority and therefore the use of Standard English must be applied. Marc’s teacher viewed his use of informal register, example, “Well put meh out nah!” as disrespected to her social position. Simultaneously, another language register of the extract that allows the reader to see the effectiveness of the piece is the Intimate Register. It is used during the conversation between Marc and his mother. There exists a special bond between a mother and son which is somewhat personal. For example, when his mom said “Marc my son I love you very much, you know that”. The intimacy of their relationship requires the use of the intimate register during conversation. Communicative behaviours in the forms of tone, facial expression and body language can be seen in the writer’s attitude in Paragraph One, where it shows that Marc was in high spirits to see his father and appears to be eager to spend time with him. Also, in Paragraph Two when Marc was contemplating on the past events between the drama of the parents’ relationship leading to depression and sadness. In Paragraphs three, four and five, the writer indicated both Marc and the teacher’s tones where, Marc was very aggressive when replying to his teacher.

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