Preempting Liability Essay

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Preempting Liability Grand Canyon University: EDA-555 May 28, 2014 School Safety should be an issue of concern for any current or prospective administrator today. In light of the many recent school shootings, providing a safe school environment for students is crucial. Many precautions are being taken by school officials to ensure that students and staff are protected. Most schools have safety drills throughout the school year to better prepare staff and students in the event that an emergency does in fact occur. During these drills the staff and students are to act as if it were a real emergency. Some of the safety drills that schools run are: Fire Drills, Lockdowns, Emergency Evacuations, and Severe Weather drills. Ever since the Sandy Hook shootings, Baltimore County Schools have to keep all exterior doors locked, and teachers and students have been instructed not to let anyone in the building. Everyone must enter through the main entrances. If anyone comes to those doors, they have to be buzzed in. Cameras are located at these doors; these cameras are monitored by the main office, School Resource officers, and the administration. Milford Mill Academy, a school in Windsor Mill, Maryland, just recently had to enforce the procedures that were learned during an evacuation safety drill. A student at Milford Mill Academy decided to call in a bomb threat to the school as a senior prank. At the time this may have seemed like a fun practical joke to pull; however, this was far from a laughing manner. The student in this case was handled appropriately because according to the Baltimore County Student Handbook a bomb threat is a Category III offense that can result in a range of possible disciplinary actions: excluding the student from participating in extracurricular/co-curricular programs or activities (temporarily or permanently) ; suspending the

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