Predictive Policing Swot Analysis

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| | Predictive Policing Information Systems for Decision Making – CIS 500 November 20, 2013 ABSTRACT Growing up as a young child, I recall watching the Super Friends League of Justice cartoon. Crime fighters had a widescreen monitor in their operations center to determine locations where enemies were planning their next villainous act. Sophisticated technology of this caliber is no longer imaginative but is very much real. Through the use of advanced Information Technology applications and predictive policing, law enforcement agencies across the United States are using this approach to catch the bad guys. “It is being driven by market advances in computing processing power and the ability to build visualizations that were…show more content…
(2) Police can become more responsive to the citizens they protect and serve. Crime rates would be reduced. (3) Local municipalities could incur cost savings by reducing the number of police officers on staff. (4) Local communities and neighborhoods less served by police could begin to receive better support (i.e. greater response times, stronger police presence through more frequent drive-through and armed foot patrols in neighborhoods, etc.). (5) “Adopting this state-of-the-art technology can boost the public’s perception of the police department. (6) Implementing CompStat at local, and state law enforcement across the United States can contributed to a higher percentage of crime…show more content…
According to Gordon, 2013, “CompStat has spawned a multimillion-dollar industry”. Weaknesses (1) Use of predictive policing can not replace on-the-job experience police officers bring to the force. (2) Primary reliance upon predictive policing results may sometimes yield inaccurate results. (3) Given the limited budgetary challenges most agencies are operating under, not all police departments may not receive costly funding associated with installing, maintaining, training end-users, management and decision makers while sustaining the use the AIS system and peripheral devices. (4) Results are only as good as the data entered. Processing, output and feedback efforts required by humans may be subjected to personal biases, lack of experience, and knowledge. Successful completion of desired objective will always rest with humans beings. Threats (1) Police Departments could be open for lawsuits by individuals claiming to be racially profiled. (2) Instinct and knowledge expected by our law enforcement officials may become diminished given reliance upon computer-generated results to deter

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